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We will help the client get
organized and streamline his/her
thoughts, personnel, and systems
so that they are running at
maximum capacity. We come to the
client to see their world and what
they are up against. On the job
training is one way to learn. A
better way is to have a veteran,
successful leader by their side as
they learn the essential skills to be
an effective educational leader.
Our consultants have been vetted
at the highest level of success and


In scheduled one-hour blocks, we
will help the client get the top
issues off of his/her mind and help
to make a solid plan to move
forward. Their topic. Their plan.
Their celebration. Our role is to
facilitate their thinking.  Helping our
clients learn new thinking strategies
enhances their capacity to free up
“head space” so that they can move
on to other pressing issues.


This professional development will
help clients to create systems and
manage them so that they don’t
have to micromanage their people.
We will give very specific ideas for
a team of any size to visualize,
customize, and refine so that the
organization becomes a well-oiled
machine moving forward with

$2500/day (up to 100 participants)