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Exclusive Services

At JL Hinds Consulting, we specialize in providing tailored professional development services for educational leaders and coaches. Our team, comprised of experienced retired educators, offers both in-person and virtual training, available at almost any hour to fit your schedule. We have a proven track record in enhancing leadership and instructional skills, as detailed in our Capability Statement. Our flexible and effective approach is ideal for DODEA's dynamic needs in educational environments.

You may also be interested in one of our self-paced courses.

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaching is a growth-oriented system, expanding teacher capability to promote a culture of learning, experimenting, reflecting, and developing.


Coach and teacher relationship-building is at the core of our approach. We recognize that the most valuable involvement we provide starts with trust and communication in order to foster a non-threatening and judgement-free environment focused on progress.


We use a customized approach for every teacher through:

  • Resources

  • Model Teaching

  • Co-teaching Lessons

  • Lesson Planning Assistance

  • Instructional Observation

  • Training

  • And more!

Data analysis

We will help you pull data, analyze it, then give instructional adjustment suggestions.  Here are the programs we can help with:

  • Frontline

  • TestHound,

  • Skyward

  • Eduphoria

  • Cambium

  • DRC

  • Riverside

  • Renaissance

  • Amplify (mClass)

  • Istation

  • CLI Engage

  • Lexia

  • On Data Suite

  • Dreambox

Executive coaching

During one-hour sessions, we will help you work through your most important goals and concerns by making a game-plan to move forward.


Your topic. Your plan. Your celebration.


Our role is to facilitate proactive thinking, teaching you new strategies to free up “headspace” and enhance your capacity to move on to other pressing issues. 



We will work with your campus and/or central office teams to foster growth in areas such as:


  • Systems development

  • Culture building

  • Data analysis

  • Community support

  • Documentation

  • Discipline Management

  • Eduphoria

  • OnDataSuite

  • And so much more!

On Site Mentoring

We will help you get organized and streamline your thoughts, personnel, and systems to ensure they are running smoothly and effectively. We travel to you, working to understand your world and the challenges you’re facing.

While on-the-job training is one way to learn, we’ve discovered through our experience that working closely with veteran leaders can be one of the most effective ways to master the essential skills to flourish as a successful leader.

Our consultants have been vetted at the highest level of success and character to ensure the care you receive is exceptional every step of the way. 



Approved Vendor For:

Brooks County

Fort Bend
Fort Sam Houston


Lake Travis

North East


Ft. Worth

Johnson City


Port Neches-Groves

Round Rock
San Antonio 
Spring Branch


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