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JL Hinds Videos

Each of these videos gives a bit of insight into how to use systems thinking to develop a positive campus culture where students, faculty, staff, and the community thrive. Click here if you are interested in my online, self-paced courses.

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Top 5 Great Professional Books
John Hinds, Leadership Consultant, recommends the best professional books he has found during his career as a school administrator, including one by Patrick Lencioni. What do successful people read? Find out more from John in the video and below. Everyone has their favorite books. These are my top 5 professional books. These books helped me to learn skills that I needed to be successful as a school leader. I encourage you to get these books not only for you but also your leadership teams and work through them together. Depending on your situation, one book may be a priority over the other ones but I have read a lot of books and these five have served me the most over my career. Getting Things Done by David Allen The Getting Things Done Workbook - Quiet Leadership by David Rock Whatever it Takes by DuFours Spaces and Places by Debbie Diller The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni Patrick Lencioni’s videos on this book: I have supporting documents that I used for each of these books. Contact me if you are interested in any. My website: Contact me at:
Planning for Data Driven Education Begins in the Summer
In this addition to his series on using Systems Thinking in schools, John Hinds, Leadership Consultant, explains that data driven education begins long before the start of a new school year. Find out more about how John Hinds can help your campus or district at This video is about being the CDO (Chief Data Officer) of your school. Creating the time to delve into all of the data I mention accelerates your knowledge of what you are doing well and what you could improve on in the future. Understanding how your test scores are tied to your library circulation which are tied to your budget which is tied to your attendance, etc... Puts you in a proactive mode. It also helps you speak with credibility to your staff, community, and your district leaders. Knowing as much data(information) as possible helps you find those patterns in your current practices that need to be protected or adjusted. Take the time to absorb this data so that you can make better decisions in the future. Data and assessment pieces to learn from: *504 *Student attendance *Staff attendance *List of students (Sped, 405, ELL, RTI, GT, Retained, UIL, ect.) *Library circulation *Campus budget, Title budget, District budgeted funds *State testing *Benchmarks, common assessments *CIRCLE *MAP *Running Records *F & P *ARD paperwork *Testing accommodations **Anything you can get a 5 year history of Find out more about how John Hinds can help your campus or district at
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