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Recommended Resources

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Over my years as a principal, I realized that I needed my “bucket filled”.  Many times this meant reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts.  I have found that I am good at taking the seed of an idea (mainly from the business world) and turning it into something powerful in the school environment.

This section of our website contains some of the seeds I found and am putting them in one place for you. I used many of the videos to articulate a message that I just didn’t have the vocabulary to do so or to visually prepare my staff for the learning we were about to begin on an initiative.

I encourage you to view some of the videos and see where they may fit into your plan to create the culture you want for your team/staff. I also encourage you to read a blog post or two! I came across a quote that inspired my work: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” I’m still working on my writing skills but I wanted to start writing something that might benefit others as I do things that someone might want to write about some day.

Bottom line - I designed this section of the website to help you in yet another way so that you can be the inspiring leader you want to be.

Recommended Videos

These are some of the videos that have impacted me over the years, shaping my thinking about leadership and attitudes toward life in general.

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Recommended Books

These are my favorite books that made the most significant difference in my life.  Depending on what you are looking for, these books may make that same difference. 

Quiet Leadership gave me strategies on how to be a better thinker, listener, and how to coach others.


Falling Awake helped me FALL AWAKE!  The strategies in this book taught me how to balance life.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

The Way of the Seal taught me how to get my sh*t together.  As a leader in a very high-paced job leading a lot of people, I needed to be focused so that I could maximize talent, time, and resources.  (This also benefited my personal life.)

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Getting Things Done (GTD) has a methodology to organize all of your to-do’s so that you are not overwhelmed from all of the work.  Talk about stress relief!

Strengthsfinder helped me understand ME and those around me much better than just “you think differently than me” type of thinking. 

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