About JL Hinds Consulting

John started this company as he was retiring from the North East Independent School District, where he worked as a principal for 17 years.  He is appreciative of NEISD and the many employees who helped him throughout his years working for the district.


John has always wanted to help others.  In starting this company, he can continue to “be what we didn’t have” and help new parents, teachers, and administrators in their journey.


Why hire John Hinds?

John has worked in high stakes situations for many years and has the scars to prove it. He likes working behind the scenes and accomplishing the mission without credit, just as long as the job gets done.

Who is the "L" in JL Hinds?

John’s wife Lisa has also retired from NEISD after working as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology and a GT teacher for nearly 30 years.  She provides the behind-the-scenes magic for the company.