• John Hinds

Manage Systems So That You Don’t Have to Micro-Manage Your People

This was one of the single best phrases that was ever said to me as a principal.  Early on in my principalship, I was struggling to get a handle on everything and I was talking with one of my mentors.  I was explaining how massive the job was and how I just couldn’t keep up with the demands and she said these magical words to me:

“Create and manage systems so that you don’t have to micro-manage your people.”

This phrase really helped me to focus on Systems Management, a leadership style that I didn’t know much about.  Since then, I have read and studied how to create systems, then manage them!  This concept has helped me more than just about anything else in my career.  I now have systems to manage: data, performance feedback, instruction, communication, and budget just to name a few.

The principalship is a VERY BIG job!  Having systems in place, and a way to manage those systems, doesn’t minimize the enormity of the job but it does allow one to feel like being successful at the job is possible.

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