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I Need a Favor

I’m reaching out to my network for a favor. This favor is not for me but for a brand new PreK teacher. She was hired in January of last year and just jumped in and ran with the supplies that were given to her by the other PreK teachers. She has never complained and is appreciative of what she has. However, most of you know the difference it makes

to have your own supplies and not have to be dependent on others.

For this upcoming school year, we convinced this teacher to create an Amazon Wish List of the things she would buy if she could design her dream classroom. This is her list. I am sending this out to my network so that #1 – this promising new teacher can get some needed supplies; #2 – my network of friends can feel that they are part of something that will make this world a better place; but most importantly, #3 - I want this teacher to feel like she has a ton of support from other educators.

Imagine, for example, her opening a set of paint brushes for a lesson and having the feeling that someone believes in her enough to donate the brushes? I’m also asking you to write her an encouraging note in the space provided when you get to that point of the Amazon Wish List process.

Thanks in advance!


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