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A Proactive Approach to School Cybersecurity: A Must-Have for Superintendents

Updated: Feb 10

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Recently, I found myself engrossed in a conversation that took an unexpected and enlightening turn. Originally a casual breakfast meeting to discuss a new business idea with a technologically savvy colleague—a calm, integrity-rich parent from my days as a principal—our talk shifted dramatically, revealing a critical opportunity for school districts.

My colleague showcased his consulting work, a comprehensive service covering technology needs from phone systems to cybersecurity, collaborating with over 300 service companies to tailor solutions for each client. Witnessing his methodical approach and the adaptable software dashboard, I was struck by the profound implications for school superintendents.

Imagine a scenario where your district's technology oversight might be unknowingly narrow, especially in crucial areas like ransomware protection and data security. The thought is unsettling. The breadth of knowledge required to secure a district from these threats is vast and specialized.

Herein lies the urgency: It's imperative to consider the services of an external consultant who can conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your district's technological health. This assessment could dramatically enhance your confidence in your district's security or, conversely, highlight urgent areas for improvement. My friend, though new to working with school districts, is eager to apply his expertise to protect the integrity of public education systems, particularly those with limited tech staff and resources.

This is more than a casual recommendation; it's a call to action. The risk of technological vulnerabilities in our schools is too significant to ignore, and the opportunity to leverage expert consultancy is available and invaluable. For superintendents, the time to act is now. This service, remarkably, is offered at no cost to meet with you and assess your needs in order to recommend service providers, representing an essential, accessible resource in safeguarding our schools.

I would be more than willing to introduce you to my colleague and/or answer any initial questions you might have about how I see you benefiting from a conversation with him.  If you would prefer, you can call him directly:  Kyle Surratt – 210-323-2307;

I wish you well in your sometimes overwhelming role!


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