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Our Mission

JL Hinds Consulting is committed to helping educational leaders achieve success in their role to improve the lives of students and staff.

We are a team of former educational leaders who have been in just about every type of learning and leadership environment possible, finding a way to achieve success each and every time we were faced with challenges.


We are eager to support leaders wherever they are in their journey to get organized, achieve balance, and enhance the quality of their campus. 

About JL Hinds Consulting

Our services benefit a wide array of people; beginning at the district or campus level, we create systems that ultimately create a more welcoming, enriching, and accessible environment for students and staff. 
We help superintendents by addressing campus challenges so they can stay focused on the district at large. We help principals at the campus level by learning where they are in their journey and building personalized plans to propel them forward toward their goals. 

Let us show you how to use your skills effectively to optimize your potential. It took us many cumulative years to learn the lessons we have; allow us the opportunity to save you time, effort, and stress.


Why Hire JL Hinds Consulting?

We are educational leaders with proven track records of high achievement, specifically in the most difficult situations.
We listen deeply to address both what is said and what is perceived.
With such a vast background of expertise, we recognize that a standardized plan doesn’t necessarily benefit every school.
Therefore, we create personalized plans for each leader, campus, and environment as a whole.

Don Francis

Who is the "J" in JL Hinds?

My name is John Hinds, and I am so excited to welcome you to JL Hinds Consulting.

After working as a principal for 17 years and recently entering my retirement, I felt compelled to create this company to support others in their journey forward as leaders in education.

I've partnered with some of my most trusted fellow educators travelling to you in order to help optimize and energize your team with a plan to bring meaningful positive change to your campus, facility, etc. 

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Ashley Jones

Who is the "L" in JL Hinds?

While I enjoy being known as John’s wife, I also have a deep amount of pride in my journey as a fellow retired educator from NEISD after 29 years. Though our expertise lies in different areas, we’re able to contribute our skills to help make JL Hinds Consulting special.


I am a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) and teacher, beginning my teaching career in special education and ending my career with gifted and talented students. My greatest passion has always been working with individuals with Autism, from the initial assessment process through to lifelong learning. John and I met through our love of education and have shared this passion for 30 years!


I’m usually working behind-the-scenes to ensure the services we provide run smoothly, but I’m happy to offer consulting services if special education or gifted and talented are key areas in which you hope to grow.  – Lisa

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